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The Smart Mode will automatically adjust flame height according to the difference between. Use them to replace the old set as soon as green smart fireplace remote control manual they stop working or become weak. GreenSmart™ Remote Operation by Travis Industries from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

· Beneath the fireplace itself, there’s a control box that has a three-button toggle for on, off, and remote. Weak or poor quality batteries can prevent proper operation. Now go to the remote control and press the power button. Beneath the fireplace itself, there’s a control box that has a three-button toggle for green smart fireplace remote control manual on, off, and remote. Upgrade GreenSmart Remote Control System: This option includes a hand-held remote, a receiver, a control module, the upgrade GreenSmart cartridge and a wire harness. When off, the display will only show the current temperature. Works in conjunction with remote transmitter.

In this case, take it to a technician to resolve the problem. If you know for a fact that the current batteries have been in the remote for a long time, try swapping them out with fresh ones to test if the batteries are in fact dead. maintenance of this fireplace. Using the Mendota fireplace remote control. The Valor 10 remote control offers two-way communication and haptic button feedback to provide our best control system yet. Repeat the above action to deactivate Smart Mode option.

302 / proflame 1 / DFC / Green Smart 1 / Digital Fireplace Burner Control / 0. Again, to be truly sure that the remote or its companion systems are to blame for your problems, you need to make certain that the fireplace and its gas lines workon their own even if the remote isn&39;t functioning. How long will the batteries last?

Select remote, then press programme. I just recently got the Bond device to be able to turn the fireplace on and off. The fireplace flame does not turn on and off at the exact desired.

Failure to follow the instructions may result in property damage, bodily injury, or even death. Make sure the wire is not too taut. Do gas fireplaces have remote control? Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. The most common call we receive about remotes is around batteries. The GreenSmart 2™ features include; GreenSmart 2 Remote Control, Smart Thermostat Mode, Remote Blower Operation, Accent Lighting*, Comfort Control™, Continuous or GreenSmart™ Pilot and Drop Down or Glide-Away™ Concealments Doors*.

The control system can be set to temperature range between 45° F and 90° F. All of our Deluxe Premium Gas Fireplaces and Inserts feature the patented GreenSmart® System. The Proflame GTMF is designed to control the on/off main burner operation, its flame levels and provides on/off and Smart thermostatic control of the hearth appliance. If pertinent, see additional fireplace wiring diagrams green smart fireplace remote control manual on the. The transmitter display shows the current room temperature, target temperature, timer setting, on/off status, low battery indicator, current time and burner/valve operation.

Please familiarize yourself with the Owner&39;s Manual before operating your heater and save the manual for future reference. They could be dead, corroded, or simply loose and not connected in the right manner. Gas Fireplace Odor; Fireplace Insert Installation; Gas Fireplace Operation; Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting; How to Clean the Glass on a Gas Fireplace; RC 300 IntelliFire Plus Wireless Remote; Locating Your Majestic Model and Serial Number; Resetting your RC100/200/300 Remote Control; Synching Your Smart Stat/Batt Fireplace Remote; What is a. The cord is also a tripping hazard so if possible try to place it out of the way from foot traffic. · I have a fireplace with a remote as the only means of control. When your remote is working fine, practice fire safety and do not allow children to play with the fireplace remote control or the gas fireplace. GreenSmart™Gas Fireplace Inserts with Remote Basic GreenSmart Control System Your Fireplace Xtrordinair dashboard housing the manual controls, is located under the front of the appliance.

6 Hearth & Home Technologies • RC300 Multifunction Remote Control •Rev. GreenSmart® Deluxe Multi-Function Wireless Thermostat Remote Control (Optional with the 864 TSV See-Thru Gas Fireplace). If the batteries and all other connecting devices are in good condition, the internal mechanics may be the one thing you can&39;t rule out as easily. Remote Control Warnings KEEP BATTERIES AND COVER INSTALLED AT ALL TIMES. We‚Äôve also included manuals for several other common. The TSFSC Remote Control has four (4) operating modes: Manual, Timer, Thermostatic and Smart Mode. A good idea is to test out different positions for the receiver at different points on the gas valve during your installation.

The GreenSmart 2™ Remote is a remarkable controller allows you to run all features of the fireplace. This is "GreenSmart Remote Control - Troubleshooting" by Travis Industries on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. . Press the On/Off button to control the burner. My remote control is not working. The system operates on radio frequencies (RF) within a 20&39; range using non-directional signals. How do you sync a fireplace remote?

How far away from the fireplace can I be and activate the fireplace with a remote control? The blower speed and flame height can be adjusted in the manual, timer and thermostatic mode. If the receiver is not installed correctly, the remote control might not work as required. The serial number is on the listing label that is chained to the gas control valve. It houses three components and all but one, the pilot selection, can be operated by the remote: A.

The Smart Mode will automatically adjust flame height and blower speed ac-. One solution for this is to extend the receiver’s cable so that it can comfortably reach the nearest power supply with ease. Read this entire manual before you use your new fireplace (especially the section "Safety Precautions" on pages 4 & 5). What is a fireplace remote?

This is important as the cable might not be long enough to reach the power outlets in the house otherwise, and stretching it too much can cause a loose connection. Fireplace remote control manuals are easy to misplace or accidentally destroy. The remote uses 3 AAA batteries.

The con-trol system can be set to temperature range between 45° F and 90° F. It is advisable to place the receiver in close proximity to the power supply. This proprietary system is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that when combined provides an elegant, greener and smarter way to heat your home. REMOTE – Fireplace is controlled by the transmitter. Locate where it is positioned and find out if it is connected properly.

Light Brightness Control Press LIGHT button then press (or slide) ON s / OFF t buttons to adjust light brightness. For example, if buttons do not operate when pressed, it could point to an issue with the remote&39;s internal wiring or electric connection. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. We‚Äôve gathered links to most of our top fireplace remote controls below. Fireplace remote controls help make the latest generation of fireplace products heat your home and control the various functions of your hearth product. Fireplace Safety. The 3615 is a Deluxe model that comes standard with a 180 CFM convection fan, Accent Lights and the GreenSmart ® Remote Control. My remote will not turn my fireplace off.

Accent Light Manual Control - For brightness adjustment. The system controls a remotely. Basic GreenSmart Control System Your Avalon dashboard housing the manual controls, is located under the front of the appliance. Avoid placing it next to the stove or fireplace, as it might get spoiled or damaged by heat. For example: if the fan is the. When fixing the receiver to the gas valve, make sure it is positioned properly. Portland, Oregon Report 028-F-80b-5 ANSI Z21. If your owner’s manual is missing, you’ve come to the right place.

This remote control kit has a hand held transmitter that can be used as a remote on/off or as a thermostat. Manuals and free owners instruction pdf guides. 88a- • Operation • Maintenance • WARNING: If the information in these instructions is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life.

Fireplaces are not officially supported yet (coming in ) but you can “trick it” into thinking the remote is for a ceiling fan. MANUAL ON/OFF– The burner will turn on and off using the remote (see below). Simply pop open the battery compartment on the remote and inspect them. Note: Some inserts, deluxe fireplaces, and HO units. Inspect it if signals are not being transmitted upon pressing the remote control. : the receiver “remembers” the last setting). Find out which position provides the best and clearest signal when putting on and turning off the fire place. The TSTSC Remote Control has four (4) operating modes: Manual, Timer, Thermostatic and Smart Mode.

The Proflame GTMF is a modular remote control system that directs the functions of a hearth appliance. I have questions or issues with the RC300 wireless remote control. ON REMOTE OFF PRG Figure 5 NOTE: When the receiver switch is turned to ON or OFF, the mode settings (Accent Light, Blower, Flame Height, Comfort Control) will remain in the same state as before the switch was moved (i. General Enquiries Parts / Technical Enquiries Return / Mailing Address 726 Cherry St. TIP: Buy extra sets of batteries and store them in a safe and dry place. What&39;s more, most gas fireplaces are able to be operated with a remote control to enhance the simplicity and comfort, but it can be confusing as to what kind of remote control works with your unit whether it&39;s a direct vent, B-vent, or a gas log set - so we&39;ve put together this guide to help make the buying process easier. Install the logs.

Portland, Oregon Report 028-F-72c-5 ANSI Z21. Syncing Your Smart Stat/Batt Fireplace Remote Watch the video above for detailed instructions on how to sync your Smart-Stat or Smart-Batt remote with your Heat & Glo fireplace. Battery Holder for Control Panel Lights B attery C onnector for green smart fireplace remote control manual C ontrol P anel Lights CONTINUOUS HIGH PILOT REMOTE GREEN SMART ACCENT LIGHT PILOT The remote receiver uses 4 AA batteries. .

If there is a problem with your remote&39;s signal transmitting, the first and easiest thing to do is check the batteries. Page 1 · 564 SS GreenSmart 2 Fireplace · Tested and Listed by OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc. This can cause signal interference and bring about poor performance. Press OFF t button to exit Smart Mode and shut off fireplace. manual for details. The flame height can be adjusted in the manual and thermostatic mode.

Green smart fireplace remote control manual

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